Costume Creations: Weaving Magic with Fabric

🧵 The Art of Costume Making: Embark on a journey into the world of costume design and creation. In this course, you’ll delve into the craft of constructing costumes for Drama, Song & Dance, and even Film and TV productions.

👗 From Sketch to Stage: Learn the nuances of hand and machine sewing, pattern reading, and choosing the perfect materials. Discover how to take accurate measurements, select the right fabrics, and consider the need for wigs, makeup, or other accessories.

🎨 Collaboration and Creativity: Collaborate with various groups, enhancing your skills through practical experiences and organization. Explore op shops for unique finds and bring your creative visions to life.

✨ Craft Your Masterpiece: Experience the satisfaction of turning mere ideas into tangible, beautiful costumes. Join us and enjoy the fulfilling process of costume creation while learning new skills in a fun and supportive environment. 🌟🎭✨

Costuming is the process of making and putting together costumes. In this course we’ll be making and putting together costumes for our Drama and Song & Dance groups, as well as assisting costuming forFilm and TV, with the possibility of making and designing costumes for affiliated groups, outside of YourDNA.

Our process will involve collaboration with other groups, related skill building such as learning to hand sew and sew with a machine, learning to read patterns, buying material and other related supplies, taking measurements, thinking about what materials we’ll need and if the costume will need a wig, makeup/face paint or other accessories, scavenging op shops and some practical and computer organisational skills.

It’s a very self-satisfying experience to make something out of nothing, come along and have some fun while you’re learning some new skills.