Front of House: The Heart of Theatre Hospitality

🎭 Welcome to Theatre Hospitality: Our new Front of House course is a gateway to the vibrant world of theatre hospitality. It’s designed to equip you with the skills for effective organization and job readiness in the bustling environment of theatre front of house operations.

🍵 Mastering the Art of Service: Learn to be a barista, handle food safely, and responsibly serve alcohol. Gain essential skills in money handling and customer service, ensuring every theatre-goer’s experience is memorable.

đź’» Tech-Savvy Ticketing: Enhance your computer literacy through our ticket booking platform, becoming a tech-savvy point of contact for guests.

đźš‘ Safety and Service Combined: Get trained in first aid and become an expert usher, ensuring safety and comfort for all patrons.

🏆 Certification and Recognition: Upon successful completion, receive industry-recognized certifications in Barista skills, Food Handling/Safety, and Responsible Alcohol Service.

Join the Front of House course and become the face of theatre hospitality, creating unforgettable experiences for every guest! 🌟✨


Our Set and Prop Design and Constructioncourse is tailored to develop skills related tothe creation and delivery of various aspectsinvolved in putting on a show.

Set and Prop Design and Constructionparticipants gain skills applicable to bothperforming arts and life contexts, as theirinterest dictates. Skills developed include:stage design, application of stage makeup,visual interpretation of story, understandingof various job roles. Participants will workcollaboratively supporting other coursessuch as Film, Drama, Song and Danceperformances.

Course Aims and Objectives:

•Develop an understanding of the variouscrafts that go into creating a piece oftheatre

•Set design + construction

•Script writing / narration

•Stage managing

•Stage make-up and hair design

•Operation + maintenance of various tools+ equipment as per aspect of theatre craft

•Autonomous + collaborative project work


•Exposure to as many different industryactivities/excursions as possible in a fun andsafe environment to deepen understandingof the industry

•Appreciation of theatre as a multiplicitworld wherein all aspects of theatre practiceplay a role of equal importance toperformance

•Provide the opportunity for participants tospecialise in chosen aspects of theatrecreation

•Collaborate with other YourDNA groupsas necessary to gain insight into theirperformance needs that relate toStagecraft and organise for those needs tobe met.

Participant’s knowledge and skills are put touse at the end of the year as they aid indesigning and building sets and props for avariety of YourDNA courses performanceoutcomes. We are also a part of theoperation of sound and/or lighting desks forthe end of year Drama, Song and Danceand FUZE Ensemble performance seasons.