Creative Writing: From Imagination to Publication

📚 Unleash Your Literary Genius: Welcome to the Creative Writing course, a realm where your words weave worlds! Here, we don’t just write; we bring stories to life, from the first handwritten draft to the final typed manuscript.

🎨 A Canvas of Words: Dive into the art of illustrating and editing, where each page becomes a masterpiece of your imagination. Whether you’re a budding novelist or a poetic soul, every session is a step in crafting your literary legacy.

🌈 Collaborative Storytelling: Join a community of storytellers where everyone’s narrative is celebrated. Learn the ins and outs of writing and publishing, turning your dream into a tangible book.

🌟 Your Book, Your Journey: Every participant embarks on a unique journey to create and promote their own book. It’s not just about writing; it’s about expressing your unique voice and sharing it with the world.

🎉 A Night of Literary Celebration: The course culminates in a magical book launch evening. Imagine an enchanting night of book signings, readings, and mingling, where light refreshments add to the charm. It’s a night to celebrate your achievement and share your work with others.

Join our Creative Writing course and transform your imaginative ideas into published wonders. Here, every word you pen is a step towards becoming a celebrated author! 🌟✍️✨


Creative Writing

The YourDNA Creative Arts creative writing program provides the students with the opportunity to express themselves creatively in the written form.  During the first part of the year students will explore a variety of different writing styles by completing units such as Poetry, Comics, Grammar and Punctuation, Children’s books and Short Stories. As their main project for the year students will spend a whole term developing storylines and characters, writing, editing and illustrating their own books for publishing in a writing style of their choice.

Throughout the year the Creative Writing team will also be responsible for designing, writing articles and editing the YourDNA Creative Arts newsletter, Thoughts.  This introduces the students to research skills, the interviewing process and continuous editing and proofreading skills.  In the final term the students put together the YourDNA Creative Arts Yearbook, which is sent out to family and friends.


Course Content and Structure

In term 1, students explore a number of units on variety of writing styles including Grammar and Punctuation, Poetry, Children’s Books, Comics, Fan Fiction, Instructional Texts.  For the afternoon session students will begin by covering a unit on Journalism covering how to write a review and how to conduct an interview.  They will then design and develop the first YourDNA Creative Arts newsletter, Thoughts.  Students will discuss the articles they would like in the Newsletter then assign themselves to each task. In term 2 students will continue exploring writing styles including Journal Writing, Short Stories and Instructional texts.  For the unit on instructional texts students will work together in small groups to produce a Game/Board Game of their own. Students will continue to write articles and produce the YourDNA Creative Arts newsletter, Thoughts.

During the second half of the year the students work towards their main project of the year, writing their own book in a genre of their choosing.  Each student will develop the storyline and characters, write, illustrate proof read and edit their own work for publishing.  Students will then have the opportunity to invite family and friends to the book launch of their books in Term 4 at the Day of Champions. The students also gather information and photographs from all the programs across YourDNA Creative Arts.  Students will then put together the Your DNA yearbook.


  • Build on and further develop literacy skills including, spelling, sentence building, grammar and style
  • Build on and further develop written communication
  • Give students a chance to develop ideas and express themselves creatively in the written form
  • Build on computer skills through Word as well as graphics programs
  • Build on research skills using the Internet
  • Create and produce their own written pieces of work
  • Build on and further develop teamwork, collaboration skills


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LEE MILLERCourse Tutor
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