Healthy Me: A Journey of Wellbeing and Fun

🌟 Embark on a Wellness Odyssey: “Healthy Me” is more than a course; it’s a celebration of health and happiness. Each week is a new adventure in physical and mental wellbeing, filled with sports, nutritious cooking, and mindfulness activities.

🏃 Active Explorations: Get ready to dive into a variety of sports like soccer, basketball, and bushwalking. It’s not just about playing; it’s about discovering the joy of movement and teamwork.

🍏 Nutrition Made Fun: Blend, bake, and cook your way to health! Learn to create delicious smoothies, protein balls, and more. It’s about nurturing your body with tasty, healthy treats.

🧘 Mindful Moments: Unwind with activities like mindfulness coloring and Zumba. It’s a journey to balance your mind and body, making every moment a step towards a healthier you.

🎉 A Year of Growth and Discovery: By year’s end, you’ll have a treasure trove of experiences and knowledge. The course is a blend of team building, learning, and sheer fun!

🌈 Showcase Your Journey: At the grand finale, showcase your newfound sports or cooking skills to loved ones. It’s a celebration of your year-long journey, a showcase of personal growth and joy.

Join “Healthy Me” and embark on a journey where health and happiness go hand in hand, crafting unforgettable memories along the way! 🍃✨

Healthy Me

Our “Healthy Me” program is tailored to build skills for a healthy lifestyle. Each week there is a physical component where students attend personal training or participate in a variety of group based physical activities and sports.

As well as a session, which focuses on building skills for healthy living. Units include: meal planning and preparation, grocery shopping, budgeting, nutrition, mental health, relaxation, emotions and learning about the human body.

Healthy Me Principles – Training, Creating, Exploring & Team Building

Healthy living
Meal planning and preparation inform smart choices that improves our quality of life

Literacy and numeracy for life
Practical application of vital skills involved in grocery shopping, budgeting and nutrition

Awareness of self and others through mental health, relaxation and emotions

Course Content and Structure

Healthy Me is your ticket to a wholesome and healthy lifestyle. Each week there is a physical component in the morning where students attend a personal training session or participate in a wide variety of group based physical activities and sports. We move through three week units of sports or activities enlisting the expertise of specialist coaches in our community to teach us the skills and drills we need to know to play the games! We complete units in netball, cricket, football, tennis, yoga, basketball, t-ball and much more! We even complete a unit in incidental exercise – you don’t need money or equipment to get fit, we head to parks and bush walk and even exercise through dance!

The Healthy Me program are out and about in our community as much as possible. Forming partnerships with local sporting clubs and schools to further enhance our social skills and community engagement – we can learn from everyone! When we’re not out and about we have our very own personal trainer come to us to teach us different exercises and help us set specific health and fitness goals.

In Healthy Me we know that being a healthy person isn’t only physical so in the afternoon session we work through four different focus units. Term one is all about Healthy Eating, students learn about the food groups, meal planning and preparation, grocery shopping and budgeting. Term two has a focus on The Human Body, various body systems are discussed and explored through a variety of fun and engaging activities including the skeletal system, muscular system, digestive system and more! Term 3 leads us to discuss Self Care, because in order to be a healthy person we need to have a healthy mind. Students learn about nurturing and caring for a garden, mental health, hygiene, emotions, mindfulness and positive thinking. Our final term focus is on planning an event, our students need to show everyone the amazing work they’ve been doing all year long so it’s time to plan a way to showcase it! Throughout the entire year Healthy Me includes a relaxation component where students learn the importance of mindfulness and meditation.

In addition to our many excursion locations to various sporting clubs and centres the Healthy Me team also head to the National Tennis Centre, MCG, National Sports Museum, Scienceworks, the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Melbourne Museum.


  • Continuing to develop independent living skills such as; grocery shopping & budgeting, meal planning, preparation and nutrition.
  • Continuing to develop understanding of the human body
  • Consolidating understanding of good hygiene
  • Exposing students to as many different sports and physical activities as possible in a fun and safe environment
  • Enhancing students understanding of all elements of being a healthy person inclusive of mental health and physical health
  • Building and developing emotional and social wellbeing and developing an understanding of what makes a healthy relationship


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