Beats and Rhythms: The Music Production Journey

🎶 Electrify the Dance Floor: In our Music Production course, we guide budding electronic music producers to create beats that make the dance floor come alive.

🎚️ Mastering Ableton Live: Dive into the world of Ableton Live, a premier digital audio workstation. Begin with the basics and gradually build up to creating complete song parts.

🔊 From Beats to Masterpieces: Work solo or in groups, crafting segments of your songs. Learn about performance, arrangement, and the art of turning beats into full-fledged tracks.

🎧 DJ Skills and Jamming: Hone your performance skills with group jamming and DJing. It’s not just about the music; it’s about creating an experience.

🚀 Showcase and Experience: Culminate your journey with an album launch and live music event at YourDNA. Gain hands-on experience in organizing events and promoting your work.

Join us in Music Production and transform your musical ideas into electrifying reality! 🌟🎵✨


In Music Production we help budding electronicmusic producers gain the skills they need to getthe dance floor moving!

During the Course we focus on the use ofAbleton Live, a Digital Audio Workstation usedfor music production and digital musicperformance. In the first semester we will beworking on the fundamental operation ofAbleton live. The second semester theparticipants will work in groups or as solo actsto start creating the parts of their songs. Thethird semester is about performance,arrangement and turning these parts intosongs then the final semester is where we honeour performance skills with some groupjamming exercises and DJing skills.

The works that the participants produce will becompiled onto an album and then showcasedat the end of the year in an album launch/livemusic event held at YourDNA. This will helpparticipants gain experience in theorganisation and operation of equipmentnecessary to release a mechanical copy of theirwork and hold a public event to promote thealbum.