Song & Dance: A Symphony of Movement and Voice

🎵 Dance to Your Own Beat: Immerse yourself in the world of Song & Dance, where every step and note is an expression of your inner rhythm. This course is a celebration of movement and melody, combining the elegance of dance with the power of voice.

💃 Explore Diverse Dance Styles: From the grace of ballet to the flair of burlesque, discover dance forms that enhance your coordination, stamina, and memory. Each session is a new adventure in movement, a new rhythm to embrace.

🎤 Harmonize Your Voice: Delve into vocal warm-ups, learning music terminology and mastering the art of harmonization. Sing scales and practice diction, all while accompanied by the soothing notes of a piano.

🌟 From Rehearsal to Stage: As the year progresses, the spotlight turns to rehearsals and group choreography, preparing for an enchanting end-of-year concert. Refine your solo and group performances, supported by a community of encouraging peers.

🎉 A Night to Remember: Conclude the year with a spectacular concert, inviting friends and family to witness your journey in song and dance. Shine on stage with professional lighting and costumes, showcasing a year of hard work and artistic growth.

Join Song & Dance and let your passion for performance light up the stage, creating a harmony of movement and voice that resonates with every beat! 🌈✨


Song & Dance

No language is more universal than music and dance. Music is part of the joy of life. Everyone needs music and all cultures develop music, so why not us? You can sing…You can dance….

The experience of working on your own ideas and learning the skills to make it happen builds confidence and personal relationships as well as problem solving, communication and cooperation skills. It is a lot of fun too. The Song & Dance program consists of a year-long creative process that culminates in an end-of-year performance at the Karralyka theatre, Ringwood.

Song & Dance Principles – Training, Creating, Rehearsing & Performing

You can sing
Sing your heart out, sing a solo or in a group and learn new songs

You can dance
Dance your style, your way and learn new dance moves from teachers and friends

You can learn new skills
We’ll teach you new skills step by step so you can feel comfortable about learning new songs and dances

You can perform
You can sing and dance on stage in a musical you created for your family and friends

You can create musical theatre
Work together to build your own all singing, all dancing musical extravaganza with your friends

Course Content and Structure

Our Song and Dance program focuses on the magic of musical theatre. Specialist singing and dance teachers assist students in learning new ways of moving their bodies and using their voices. Our Song & Dance program is all about enhancing and expanding the performance skills of each student. We encourage students to explore music they like to perform as well as exposing them to as many different genres of music and dance as possible. The morning session focuses on skill development and the afternoon session is all about collaboratively developing our creative project for our performance at the Karralyka Theatre in term four!

In the first term the Song & Dance program focus unit is Musical Styles. Students explore Jazz, Ballroom, Classical, Pop & Musical Theatre (to name a few!). In the second term the focus moves to Scripting for our end of year performance. Students are guided through the process of creating an entire show, group numbers are explored, along with solo numbers, stage craft and the development of a script. Our third term focuses on Rehearsing as students prepare their solo and group performances and finalise the script. Our final term is all about Performing; here the performances, lyrics and choreography are polished and theatre and performance etiquette is also discussed to prepare for our big performance at the Karralyka Theatre!


  • Song, dance and performance
  • Musical Theatre and stage production
  • Improvisation and music creation
  • Body awareness and rhythm
  • Musical performance
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Communication and skills for life
  • Exposure to and appreciation of a wider range of music and performance styles


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