TV Production: Your World on Screen

🎥 Become a TV Prodigy: Dive into the world of TV production, where your ideas light up the screen. This course is your gateway to learn, develop, and produce various broadcast segments, from thrilling interviews to captivating commercials.

🌟 Lights, Camera, Action: Experience the thrill of working both behind the scenes and in the limelight. Here, you’ll cultivate skills that build confidence, foster personal relationships, and enhance problem-solving, communication, and teamwork abilities.

📺 Your Show, Your Rules: Host your own interviews, present news or weather reports, and create your very own infomercials. Love or loathe a movie? Share it as the next big reviewer!

💡 Master the Tech: Get hands-on with professional-grade equipment. Learn the nuances of lighting, camera work, and broadcasting gear to create television magic.

🚀 Broadcast Your Creativity: Each term focuses on a different broadcast style. You’ll get the chance to shine in front of the camera and support others, ensuring a holistic learning experience.

🌈 Showcase on the Big Stage: Conclude your journey with productions broadcasted on online channels like YouTube and Facebook. It’s not just a course, it’s your stepping stone into the exciting world of television! 🌟📺✨


Finding your voice on and off Camera

Create your own television spots. You can generate ideas, learn the skills and create scenes for television. Explore your understanding of the news and media. Working within a group you will be able to try lots of different ways of working with the camera.

The experience of working on your own ideas and learning the skills to make it happen builds confidence and personal relationships as well as problem solving, communication and cooperation skills. It is a lot of fun too. The TV program consists a creative process that culminates in a web broadcast of our show.

TV Principles – Training, Creating, Rehearsing & Performing

Host you own interviews
Work with others to prepare, script and film your own television interviews

Present the weather or sporting news
You make the decision about who you would like to play and then work with the others to bring the characters to life.

Comment on the latest news and current affairs
Got an opinion? Set up your own panel. Research different attitudes. Script the discussion to comment on local or national news.

Write your own skits and scenes
Develop original mini-episodes for your favourite shows or create your new short TV show.

Work the equipment yourselves
Learn about lighting, cameras, special effects and shooting needs.

Completed TV shows will be loaded to our website, Facebook and YouTube.

Course Content and Structure

The YourDNA Creative Arts TV program focuses on the planning, development, presentation, production and editing of the students very own TV show. The TV show is uploaded to YouTube and hosted on the YourDNA Creative Arts website. Over the year, students will create their own segments for the TV show. Students will also be trained in camera operation and editing software.

The structure of the classes generally follows:

Researching content for segment

Scripting segment

Shooting segment


  • TV show creation skills
  • Camera operation
  • Lighting and Sound
  • Improvisation and story building
  • Teamwork
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Communication and skills for life


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